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More than an extracurricular establishment, Mahassine’s dream is to create an artistic space for learning and sharing, a place where teachers and students can find their own source of joy and personal fulfillment.
Offering a unique place where children, adolescents and adults can access quality, original and comprehensive artistic education, was the wish of Mahassine Yousfi-Slitine, founder and general manager of M’Art Studio
Graduated in International Trade from Sup de Co Marrakech, Mahassine launched the M’Art Studio project by herself following several training courses in order to better master the educational field, anticipate parents’ requests and carefully follow the development of each student. . She can thus count among her achievements the Diploma in “Techniques of animation of workshops for Children” of the CNFDI of Paris, the Diploma of “Pedagogical Director” of the CFPPE of Rabat and the Certificate of “Animator of robotic workshops” of Play Academy Casablanca.



M’Art Studio is located in Marrakech, within M Avenue, the new vibrant heart of the ocher city. As a multidisciplinary artistic establishment, M’Art Studio opens its doors to all art enthusiasts, whether they are children from 4 years old or adults of all ages.

M’Art Studio aims to be the first center in Marrakech where artistic development, all disciplines combined, is in the spotlight: music, singing, theater, recording studio, manual workshops, robotics and many other creative activities . For this, a rich and varied program is provided by a team of dedicated professionals whose vocation is to transmit their artistic flame in all its forms to those who love


At M’Art Studio, we believe that music has its place in everyday life. In addition, music has therapeutic benefits and can significantly enrich everyone’s life. The M’Art Studio teams also firmly believe that music also teaches determination and patience. Whether you just want to indulge in a new hobby or are looking to advance your budding musical skills, M’Art Studio is with you to celebrate the love of music.


Because a work of art can touch us deeply by arousing our emotions, arousing our curiosity, sharpening our perceptions and awakening the child within us, art does not connect the human being only to what is buried in him but also helps him to better perceive his fellows.

Initiation into the art can therefore help to become more empathetic, more patient and more compassionate towards oneself. Art also evokes joy and uplifts the spirit while reducing stress and negative emotions.

Valuing artistic learning can also help uncover new hidden talents and bring them to light.


Thanks to music and various artistic disciplines, it becomes easier to interest children in the learning process.

Playing the piano, doing theater or learning a choreography promotes the development of confidence and self-confidence. Once a child devotes himself to an artistic practice, his senses are awakened, his confidence in his abilities is strengthened and his intellectual skills are developed. Indeed, art is a real fuel for the brain.


A medium of artistic expression par excellence, dance allows one to discover the body to the rhythm of musical notes tinged with a variety of cultural influences.

Adults and children can access different styles of parallel dance and discover a plethora of movements between classical dance, contemporary dance, Hip Hop, oriental dance, Break Dance and Capoeira classes.

Each style reveals a different side of the dancer’s personality and releases all the energy of the body.

M’Art Studio invites young and old to take a shaken break to wiggle their hips and savor a feeling of well-being. In addition, dancing helps maintain cardiovascular health and strengthens muscles.


To let the passion for art spring up in a magical place, M’Art Studio promotes the creativity of young and old thanks to its premises which overlook on one side the Menara gardens and on the other side on M Avenue. , a harmonious marriage between modernity and bucolic setting.

Imagined as an art school, M’Art Studio is a place of cultural awakening whose mission is to initiate and develop the artistic sense of all.


Monday to Friday : 10h-21h

Saturday : 9h-13h

Sunday : Closed



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