Don’t miss out on your Calirra diamond merchant when you visit M Avenue. Since its creation, Calirra has been committed to simplifying access to diamonds. Thanks to our diamond guide, we have chosen to share with our customers our knowledge of this rare gemstone so that you can make your choice with serenity. We believe that in order to buy a diamond you need to understand it first, so we offer you our best advice in full transparency, even if the diamond specialists reserve it for their closest friends.

Choose from our jewelry collection available at the showroom, our jewelry site or even make your own customized jewels, our Calirra diamond experts will accompany you through every step.

Leader in certified diamonds in Morocco, Calirra offers you the best gemstones at the best prices by opening the doors of the main international diamond exchanges on the only platform that allows you to design your jewel online: or visit us at the showroom!

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