Maison Wright Tea 1856

An invitation to escape, Wright Tea offers to taste its original teas, yellow, white, black, green, Oolong, dark, smoked, Rooibos, from the most classic to the most rare. Delicate and precious, selected by its tea masters from the four corners of the world, these teas are harvested in the purest tradition in order to guarantee their exceptional quality.

Wright Tea is a master in the art of creating magical moments through unique tea collections: Thousand and One Nights, Heritage, and Escapade, which invite you to discover the world (Key West or Forbidden City teas), to travel to the Cherifian Kingdom (Valley of the Roses tea), or to explore the mysterious Orient (Elixir tea).

Evocative of refinement, Wright Tea pays homage to the famous British silversmith Richard Wright, who in the 19th century was the first to supply the salons of wealthy Moroccan families with all the silverware necessary for tea, inspired by the purest English tradition combined with the unique know-how of Moroccan craftsmen.

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